My Day In Oceanside CA

There’s never a dull moment when visiting the state of California. I had been to many different parts of the state, but I had never been to Oceanside before. At the recommendation of a friend , I travelled there for a day and it was not disappointing. Like any part of California, Oceanside had an amazing beach with a pier and a view that will always leave you in awe. Right away, I knew it was going to be a fun experience.


I actually had no idea how large the pier was until I saw it for myself. Later on I would find out that Oceanside pier is considered one of the biggest piers in the country. It is about 1,942 feet.


We all know that California is well known for its surfers on the beach. There’s actually a lot of history behind that. Oceanside has done a lot to preserve the culture of surfing by creating the California Surf Museum. It had rotating exhibits, which was really cool to see, and the first wooden surf boards that were made in the early 20th century. On top of being museum, I also found out that the it served as a concert venue. I had actually missed a big local favorite from the night before. Other events such as book signings also happen at the museum.



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